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I can't give you moral support...but I can give you Murrell support! - Chris Murrell

In 2016 I graduated from the University of Kent with a 2:1 Undergraduate Master's in physics (MPhys Hons) and promptly went into teacher training to become a secondary school science teacher. Having spent 4 years in the teaching profession, I made a decision to explore computer science further since it was one of the most enjoyable parts to my degree.

In February 2020 I embarked on the CS50 Web programming course by Harvard University through the edX website. At this point I was still teaching and I had to be strongly self-motivated and organised to split my time appropriately. In July 2020 I completed the course to obtain a professional certificate in web programming (see qualifications below). This course developed my knowledge of data structures, databases, APIs, front ends, back ends and more!

Since completing this course, I have been practicing my skills with projects such as this website, learning languages in greater depth while also looking into new frameworks to improve my applications further.

While I am still working on expanding my programming knowledge, both physics and teaching have developed a number of analytical, communication and leadership skills that allow me to view my projects in a wider context, understanding how they may impact both the developers and clients. In addition, the science background from my degree gives me a strong enjoyment in problem solving and I have aspirations to incorporate physics into my software designs in the future (similar to my work on a single pixel camera GUI in my final year dissertation).


professional certificate
Professional Certificate: Computer Science for Web Programming (Harvard University - July 2020)


  • CS50's Introduction to Computer Science
  • Web Programming for Python and JavaScript

View the certificate here.

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